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Dazzle Anxiety Breathing Koala

Dazzle Anxiety Breathing Koala

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💖 Alleviates stress & promotes calmness

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Many are loving our Koalas

Let your worries drift away

This cuddly companion promotes restful sleep with its soothing motions designed to match the rhythm of natural breathing. As you hold the soft plush koala close, feel the gentle rise and fall of its chest and let your own breathing find its calm, steady pace.

The koala's heartbeat sound, womb-like vibrations, and warm nightlight envelop you in a cocoon of comfort to melt away tension and anxiety.

Find peace in a safe space during moments of panic and late-night worry. Designed with care, its pattern matches the rhythm of your breath.

Drift into slumber embraced by the koala's tranquil presence. Discover the secret to peaceful nights with Dazzle Koala Breathing Stuffed Toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it relieve anxiety?

Keep it close to you and follow the slow breathing pattern. This will soothe your mind and naturally cause you to relax, close your eyes and you will be asleep within minutes

Is the heartbeat sound realistic, and how does it contribute to relaxation?

Yes, the heartbeat sound produced by the Dazzle Koala is realistic and mimics the comforting sound of a heartbeat in a womb-like environment. This sound, along with other womb noises, helps create a sense of security and calmness, ideal for promoting a restful sleep.

How do I clean and maintain the Dazzle Koala?

To clean the Dazzle Koala, gently spot clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed. Avoid submerging the toy in water or using harsh cleaning agents, as this can damage the electronic components. Regularly check the battery and charging port for any debris or dust buildup to ensure optimal performance.